Welcome to the World of Gender Fluidity


Do you view gender variance as pathological? It is not uncommon to view gender variance as pathological. As a society, we tend to view the masses as binary, composed of two genders: male and female. In Margaret Nichols latest article titled The Great Escape, "there's no such thing as the opposite sex." Gender is no [...]

Welcome to the World of Gender Fluidity2021-01-20T17:42:33-05:00

Reframing the Meaning of “Racist”


As the owners and founders of Aspire Counseling Group, we believe that Black Lives Matter and that we have an imperative to help “[create] a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.”1 We were called to social work because of a deep and abiding commitment [...]

Reframing the Meaning of “Racist”2020-07-16T11:06:35-04:00

A compassionate reminder this holiday season


As we enter the busy and sometimes over-focused Christmas and Hanukkah seasons, we offer these thoughts for consideration. Holidays can be times of joy and togetherness, yet it is so important to remember that not everyone is looking forward to the holidays. Some people are not surrounded by wonderful families. Some people are struggling during [...]

A compassionate reminder this holiday season2018-05-22T14:50:01-04:00

In our clients’ words …


Aspire has just announced its 2016 The Daring Way™ Residential Workshop dates! We are excited about leading another daring group of men and women toward more wholeheartedness, creativity, and love in their lives. It’s hard to put into words the power of these workshops, so we asked our past Daring Way™ workshop participants about their experience. Here [...]

In our clients’ words …2017-07-12T11:58:56-04:00

What is it about certainty?


In college, one of my favorite songs was the Indigo Girls’ “Closer to Fine.” The lyrics felt like freedom to me and still do: I’m trying to tell you somethin’ about my life Maybe give me insight between black and white And the best thing you’ve ever done for me Is to help me take [...]

What is it about certainty?2017-07-12T12:09:41-04:00

Let Yourself Be Gutted


The winter doldrums have set in, and most everyone I talk to is feeling it. Lately, I haven’t been practicing my own mix of mindfulness:  yoga, hikes, dharma talks. It is, of course, exacerbating the winter blues and I have to get back to it. The thing is: We have to practice what we preach [...]

Let Yourself Be Gutted2017-07-12T12:13:45-04:00


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