Anne Siegel

Anne J. Siegel

Relationships require work. You may be working hard, but if that work is destructive — such as excessive fighting or conflict, worry, negativity or blaming/guilt these actions and thoughts are breaking down, not building, healthy relationships. Working with Anne in therapy, couples and individuals can expect thoughtful, knowledgeable support and direct guidance to make your work constructive. "I will lend strength when needed, and, will just as quickly 'call you' on counterproductive behavior,” Anne explains. “This is a dynamic process."

Anne's primary focus is working with couples that are struggling in their committed relationship. Her approach is straight-forward and often directive. Sessions are a safe place for people to embrace their vulnerabilities and connect with one another. "Don't wait too long to begin,” Anne says. “If you have come this far, it's probably time."

With individuals suffering with depression, anxiety or loss/grief, discovering and recovering resiliency is primary. Anne provides an environment of unconditional support and non-judgmental, honest assessment. “I believe in guiding clients to embrace all their feelings," she explains. "Then we work to develop those that bring strength, motivation and positivity in thinking and behavior. Clients must bring courage and a sense of humor."