The Resiliency Collaborative

The Resiliency Collaborative partners with communities to increase capacity for resilience and hope. They recognize and advocate for the transformation of systems to promote equity through supportive relationships, education, resources, and services. 

Aspire Counseling partners with The Resiliency Collaborative by providing counseling for the youth involved in this program, psychoeducational workshops and materials for them and/or their parents, and mental health support as requested.

Garner Internal Medicine

In 2014, Aspire Counseling partnered with Garner Internal Medicine to provide mental health, triage and/or brokerage services to their patients.

Garner Internal Medicine, established in 1995, is a primary care practice for adults age 16 and older. Garner Internal provides comprehensive health services including management of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol), diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and wellness services (complete physical exams, immunizations, cancer screenings and lifestyle modifications). If you’re looking for a primary care doctor and would like to make an appointment with them, please contact Garner Internal Medicine directly.