Group support allows a small group of individuals the ability to connect through shared experiences. It is an effective means of treatment and provides a space for encouragement and social support. Group support helps you realize that you are not alone and normalizes life experiences.

With the guidance of 1-2 group therapists and/or partnering providers, the group can offer support, provide alternate perspectives, and propel you forward. Group members have the opportunity to resolve conflict, communicate challenges, learn alternative ways of engaging, and develop new social skills and ways of relating to people.

Group support can often be a more affordable option than individual therapy. Groups can be closed, meaning they meet with the same group of people from beginning to end, or open, meaning that the group might be ongoing indefinitely where individuals can “drop-in” for a session as they see fit.

Advantages of Group Support

Group support has many benefits, including:

  • assures individuals they are not alone
  • provides a space to gain self-awareness through interactions with others
  • offers the opportunity to receive and give support in a setting where others share similar struggles
  • builds communication and social skills
  • creates a sense of belonging and acceptance
  • hearing alternate perspectives about your challenges
  • helps normalize your experiences and associated thoughts and feelings
  • creates a sense of community and interconnectedness

Maintaining Privacy

Due to the personal nature of information shared in a formal support group, it is crucial that everyone feel emotionally safe to participate. Each group member must sign an agreement to adhere to the rules of confidentiality. Group members pledge that they will never share information discussed in the group, including the names of other group members, when outside the group.

Paying for Groups

Some insurance policies provide coverage for group support. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier to discover if your plan provides coverage by asking the questions listed in the Therapy FAQs. Depending on the group, if you are not filing insurance, the self-pay rate is generally around $40-$75 per session.

Current Group Offerings 


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