Tai Caldwell
Resilience Coach

Tai knows how essential it is to focus on mental health and wellness as a catalyst to living a fulfilled life. As a Resilience Coach who has her NC Certified Peer Support Specialist certification and is also trauma-informed, she uses her lived experience and training to walk alongside individuals on their wellness journey.  Tai works with others to help them uncover and implement strategies to help better their lives. She desires to empower individuals to not simply dream of a fulfilled life, but to live that life daily.

Through a non-clinical, strengths-based approach, Tai helps clients create lasting change through the development of self-help, self-advocacy, and resiliency skills. When meeting with clients, whether individually or in a group, she creates a space that is friendly, collaborative, and always based on the premise that the client is the expert of their life.  She believes wisdom is innate–the best solutions come from within us.

Tai has experience working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, personal conflict, and other life stressors. She provides individual and group support that includes the integration of coping skills/self-help techniques, communication skills, goal-setting, interpersonal effectiveness skills, wellness training, and social skills development.

If you are ready to create and maintain a new, healthier chapter of your life, you don’t have to do it alone. It’s time–you are worth it.