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Childhood Trauma and the Impact of ART


The Impact of Childhood Trauma: How Accelerated Resolution Therapy Can Help Re-Shape Traumatic Memories Recently, ten of Aspire Counseling Group’s clinicians were trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (or ART).   As a newer therapy that uses eye movements, much like EMDR, ART combines the enormous power of eye movements with other well-established therapies like Gestalt, Psychodynamic [...]

Childhood Trauma and the Impact of ART2023-11-13T10:26:54-05:00

Navigating Grief and Loss: A Path to Recovery


Grief, Bereavement, Loss, and the Journey to Recovery As an inevitable part of the human experience, grief accompanies the loss of a loved one.  Grief manifests differently for each individual, encompassing a range of emotions that can be overwhelming. It's best to embrace these emotions rather than suppress them, as a crucial step towards healing. [...]

Navigating Grief and Loss: A Path to Recovery2023-11-13T10:33:21-05:00


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