Helping Wake County Schools with Resiliency Training

Helping Wake County Schools with Resiliency Training

As part of Aspire’s move toward being a resiliency-focused counseling group, we are helping to train professionals in the Wake County Public School System in the Community Resiliency Model (CRM). CRM is a skills-based model that helps people bring their nervous system back into balance after periods of chronic stress or a traumatic event.

What’s so awesome about CRM is it is a peer-to-peer model, which means it is not dependent on professionals to implement in schools, facilities, churches, communities, etc.

This means that in schools, students can help each other, teachers can help students, teachers can help teachers, and the list goes on and on. CRM, developed by the California-based Trauma Resource Institute, trains community members to not only help themselves, but also to help others within their wider social network.

CRM skills help individuals understand their nervous system and learn to read sensations connected to their own well-being, which CRM calls the “Resilient Zone.” School systems are interested in CRM because it helps create “trauma-informed” and “resiliency-focused” schools that share a common understanding of the impact of trauma and chronic stress on the nervous system, and how resiliency can be restored or increased using this skills-based approach.


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